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Ready to experience Big Freedom? Discover the four elements of transformation…

What is Big Freedom?

The word freedom can mean many things: the ability to say what we want, to go where we want, and to be with whom we want.  However, even with these important freedoms available, many of us still feel trapped by our own inner judgments, fears, and expectations. Instead of being our own best friend and biggest supporter, we often treat ourselves in ways we would never treat anyone else.

How can we live life as authentically and powerfully as possible? Is there a way to release the burdens of negative thinking, self-criticism, unhelpful fears, and crushing expectations? These are questions that Hierophant Publishing author HeatherAsh Amara has set out to answer, and for her, the four elements point the way.

The four primordial elements, air, fire, water, and earth, are with us every day of our lives. The wind that blows the trees, the water we drink, the solid earth we move over, and the fire that lives in the life-giving warmth of the sun, are the building blocks of the world.

No matter how far from nature we think we are, we are still only a heartbeat away from the elements. They exist in our very bodies – in our breath, and in our energy.  HeatherAsh views these elements as allies in our search for wholeness, authenticity, and meaning, and she believes that each has unique gifts that can help us along our path to experiencing Big Freedom in our daily lives.   

Air: The Art of Clear Perception

We all know that a closed room will become stale and stagnant, and that merely opening a window and inviting the fresh air in from outside can make the room feel fresh and alive again. In a similar way, the element of air is a symbol for the need to clear away judgmental and fear-based thinking that can accumulate when our minds are closed, when we have forgotten the immense power that resides in each one of us.

Fire: The Art of Cleansing

Fire is the element of action. Like the powerful cleansing flames of a natural forest fire, you can call on the spirit of fire to burn away what no longer serves you, making room for new growth. This kind of cleansing is a powerful tool that can be used over and over again, helping you to go deeper into a sense of newness and peace each time you call upon this primal element.

Water: The Art of Opening

A rushing river flows over rocks, under floating leaves, and through narrow sluice gates; the water can be stopped by accumulated debris or dams, but its true nature is to flow. So it is with our emotional bodies. Like the river, we may have created blocks to the natural flow of our emotional selves, and we will need to relearn how to clear away those blocks and remain open. Opening to our emotions means accepting all that comes to us in our lives, whether positive or negative. This is not a passive act, as it requires courage and trust. The element of water to help you find the place of freedom in yourself that allows what is to be. 

Earth: The Art of Nourishing

We are all children of the earth, and we are sustained inside and out by the miraculous nourishing power of the planet. The element of earth not only grounds and strengthens us, but it also teaches us the importance of nourishing ourselves. What actions in your life make you feel exhausted and worn down? What makes you feel refreshed, energetic, and alive? By calling upon the nourishing power of the earth, you can learn to support your physical body in ways that also feed your soul and bring peace to your heart.

Are you ready to find out more about how these powerful elements can change your life and lead you down the path to your own Big Freedom?

A Little Book on Big Freedom: Discover the Four Elements of Transformation by HeatherAsh Amara will be available April 9th, 2019 at all major retailers and on our website! To learn more about this powerful book, and to read the introduction and first chapter for free, click here.

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