• Maryam Mafi

    Maryam Mafi left Iran in 1977 to study Sociology and Literature at Tufts University in the United States. While reading for her Master’s degree in International Communications in Washington DC, she began translating Persian literature. Her thesis on the relationship of literature and social change and the bridging together of cultures has been a pivotal force in her work.

    Reading Rumi’s poetry has led her to a ‘re-education’ in her own language and connecting with her spiritual heritage. She has participated in many readings of Rumi’s poetry and has brought forth the beauty of Rumi’s words in the original language. Maryam lives in London and travels to Tehran several times a year to study with her teacher who is an Iranian authority on Rumi.

    Together with Azima Melita Kolin they have two books of Rumi poetry published by Thorsons: ‘Whispers of the Beloved’ and ‘Hidden Music’. At present they are working on their third book of Rumi ‘The Four Gardens’.

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