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    Azima Melita Kolin was born in Bulgaria, a concert pianist and an artist. She completed her studies in the Musical Academies in Sofia, Rome and Geneva and has been a winner of many International competitions in Germany, Italy and Spain. She created and ran a Chamber Music Festival on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, for ten years. She also studied painting and has had many exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

    In 1997, inspired by the 13th century Persian Mystical poet Jelalludin Rumi, Melita Kolin began a series of concerts, combining Rumi’s poetry and stories with music by Bach, Beethoven, Scriabin and Brahms. In the last four years with a group of six readers, she has given more than eighty concerts in England, Scotland and Europe. She has given many workshops dedicated to the study of Rumi’s work in depth. The poems in the concert/readings have been translated and performed in Spain and Germany.

    Together with Maryam Mafi they have translated two books of Rumi poetry published by Thorsons: ‘Whispers of the Beloved’ and ‘Hidden Music’ based on the themes from the concerts, with paintings inspired by the poems. At present Azima Kolin and Maryam Mafi are working together on their third book, ‘The Four Gardens’.

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