World-renowned author and psychic James Van Praagh has spent decades communicating with spirits on the other side, but he is far from alone in this experience.  Joined by psychic medium Sunny Dawn Johnston, best-selling author Lisa McCourt, and over twenty others, he brings us, When Heaven Touches Earth, an extraordinary treasure trove of evidence that you don’t need to be a household name in mediumship to receive love and guidance from the spirit world.

When Heaven Touches Earth offers a unique glimpse into an elusive realm where unconditional love can always be found—even in situations and circumstances where it is least expected.

This collection of stories will provide inspiration and comfort to those going through tough times as they prove that otherworldly guidance, be it from a deceased loved one or from a universal benevolent source, is available to us all. 

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About The Authors

About James Van Praagh

Internationally renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author, James Van Praagh is hailed throughout the world as the pioneer of the mediumship movement, and recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today. His messages have brought solace, peace and spiritual insights, changing millions view of both life and death.  James has published numerous books of the subject of after death communication, including the New York Times bestsellers  Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond, Meditations, Ghosts Among Us,Unfinished Business, Growing Up In Heaven and his most recent Adventures of the Soul

Meet James Van Praagh and learn more about his programs:

About Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an internationally renowned psychic medium, teacher, and motivational speaker. Sunny teaches her students that even in moments of adversity, we are not alone; our angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over are here to help us. Sunny’s message of “love never ends” has drawn thousands of people from all over the world to her workshops, events and private mediumship sessions. Sunny is also a best-selling author of Invoking the Archangels – A Nine Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul and The Love Never Ends –Messages From The Other Side.

Meet Sunny at her website:

About Lisa McCourt

Lisa McCourt is a bestselling author specializing in the field of personal transformation. Her joyful passion for the power of words has propelled a diverse publishing career studded with industry awards, starred reviews, international honors, and mega-sales. Lisa is the author of the modern classic children's book series, I Love You, Stinky Face.

Meet Lisa at her website:

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