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Since it’s release a short time ago, Warrior Goddess Training has become an international bestseller in categories important to the women’s empowerment movement.

In Warrior Goddess Training, bestselling author HeatherAsh Amara provides the antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough.

If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, then it’s time for an inner revolution—it’s time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy!

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Warrior Goddess Women now number well over 600,000 fans on Facebook, over 150,000 fans on Instagram, and hundreds gather for various events around the world each year where HeatherAsh Amara teaches an empowering blend of vulnerability, strength, and inner wisdom.

Women from all walks of life and age groups embrace each other and learn how to support one another as they take back their true power in loving ways.

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More About These Books

Warrior Goddess Training is the first book in HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess revolution. This book, comprised of ten lessons, helps women to discover and hold sacred their Warrior Goddess energy. In the very first lesson, Amara shows women how to commit to themselves and reclaim that energy that has been lost. The following lessons teach how to harness, hold, and live from the reclaimed Warrior Goddess power. If you are new to the Warrior Goddess series, this book is the place to start!

The Warrior Goddess Training Companion Workbook runs parallel to Warrior Goddess Training and provides in depth and hands-on exercises to complement the ten lessons found in Warrior Goddess Training. The workbook gives you a chance to put the lessons of Warrior Goddess Training into action, and to see the results unfold on the page in front of you, even as they unfold in your life as a whole.

The Warrior Goddess Way is the “advanced class” of the Warrior Goddess Series. In this book, HeatherAsh goes deeper, sharing lessons that were not included in the first two books. Some of these lessons include how to cultivate Awareness, Stillness, Authenticity, and Respect. Unless you are already well planted on the path of self-awareness, it is recommended that you read Warrior Goddess Training prior to reading this book.

Your Inner Fire is the vital energy within you, the unseen force that gives life to your being. Perhaps because this energy can’t be measured in a lab, many people live without any idea of its existence or the importance of tending to it.

In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author HeatherAsh Amara introduces you to the fundamentals of your Inner Fire and explains how the four major aspects of your being—the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical— all interact with this powerful energy.

A Daily Dose of Warrior Goddess Power

HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess Training has helped thousands of women all over the world to take back their lives. In Warrior Goddess Wisdom, Amara has created a package of daily encouragement and insight to help you progress on your own Warrior Goddess path. Each page contains a quote, a reflection, and a daily action or mantra designed to guide you back to supporting yourself, finding your inner truth, and deepening your self-love.

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