The Witch's Book of Numbers

Enhance Your Magic with Numerology

By Rebecca Scolnick

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Discover the Magic of Numerology

In The Witch’s Book of Numbers, author Rebecca Scolnick reveals how you, too, can apply the incredible power of numerology to find answers to life’s big questions and magnify your magic using only pen and paper—no complex mathematics required! In these pages, you will learn:

  • How to find your Significant Six numbers—and how they reveal powerful clues about you and your life. 
  • How incorporating numbers into your spellwork can amplify the results. 
  • How numerology magic can also be combined with astrology, tarot, crystals, and herbs.
  • How the power of numerology can enhance your ritual witchcraft.

Whether you’re a beginner witch or have years of experience, The Witch’s Book of Numbers will guide you through the history, origins, and relevance of the ancient study of numerology for today’s practitioner and includes exercises, spells, and activities designed to boost your connection with your magical practice, enrich your life’s meaning, and empower your unique journey as a witch. 

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About the Author

Rebecca Scolnick is a numerologist and witch who employs magic, storytelling, and her knowledge of numbers and witchcraft to support and inspire those looking to reclaim their freedom from the myriad of ways modern culture has taught us to hate ourselves, reject ourselves, and keep ourselves small. Connect with her online at

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