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The Path to Wealth
Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

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 A Clear Plan to Wealth and Abundance in Just 30 Minutes a Day

May-McCarthy-Speaker-EntrepreneurismIn today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to get clear about your personal and professional goals—and to commit to a plan that will get you there. In The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, multimillionaire entrepreneur and angel investor May McCarthy shares her own daily practice to help you do just that.

The first step on this journey is to welcome a new member to your financial advisory team: the all-knowing power of the universe that McCarthy affectionately calls the Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO for short.

In part one of the book, you’ll learn how to set up and activate the seven-step daily practice. You’ll learn the job descriptions for both yourself and your new partner, and you’ll see that when these steps are applied on a daily basis, you will experience a complete shift in your thinking about how financial wealth and abundance is created.

In part two, you’ll go deeper into the practice to gain insight about your purpose, learn how to successfully navigate financial ups and downs, overcome the fear of failure, as well as eliminate old beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from experiencing the success you really want.

Best of all, the steps outlined in this book will teach you how to develop your own financial intuition, which is key to noticing and pursuing the opportunities that will present themselves once you are on this path.

Financial abundance can be a game of fun and prosperity, but only when you realize that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Your new partner wants to help you.

Let May McCarthy show you the way.

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Meet May McCarthy

May McCarthy has co-founded and grown six successful companies over her thirty-year career, with the largest growing to over $100 million in annual revenues.
She credits her success to the principles described
in this book, and firmly believes that financial success and freedom are available to anyone who is willing to apply them.
Visit her online at




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