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About This Book

A Road Map to Reclaiming
Your Authentic Self

The ancient Toltecs believed that life, as we perceive it, is a dream. We each live in our own Personal Dream, and these come together to form the Dream of the Planet, or the world in which we live.

Problems arise when our perception of the Dream becomes clouded with negativity, drama, and judgment (of ourselves and others), because it’s in these moments of suffering that we have forgotten that we are the architects of our own reality and we have the power to change our Dream if we choose.

In The Mastery of Self, bestselling author and teacher don Miguel Ruiz Jr. takes the Toltec philosophy of the Dream of the Planet and offers you a road map to reclaiming your Authentic Self. He reveals how the tools of awareness, understanding, and unconditional love can free you from any inhibiting beliefs, stories, or ideas that are keeping you from living the best life possible.

This book can help you discover who you really are at the deepest level, which often lies just beyond any conditioning or domestication you have acquired throughout your life.

In addition to identifying the problem and explaining the solution in the context of his Toltec tradition, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. has included in-depth exercises throughout the book that will help you put these teachings into practice. The end result is a book that you can return to again and again.


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More About This Book

An excerpt from The Mastery of Self
by don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Parable—The Dream of the Party


Imagine for a moment that you are in a dream.

In this dream, you find yourself at a huge party with thousands of people, where you are the only sober person and everyone else is drunk. The other partygoers are in varying states of intoxication. A few people have had just one or two drinks and are only tipsy; most fall into the realm of general drunkenness; and a handful are so drunk that they are making spectacles of themselves in all sorts of colorful ways. They may even have blacked out, as their actions seem completely out of their control.

Some of the people at this party are your friends and family, some are acquaintances, but most you don’t know. You try to talk to a few people, but you quickly realize that their intoxication level has altered their ability to communicate clearly; it has clouded their viewpoint. You also notice that each person is experiencing the party differently, depending on his or her degree of drunkenness, and your interactions change with every drink they consume.

The partygoers range from loud, outgoing, and merry, to shy, quiet, and sullen. As the party rages on, you watch everyone alternate between the two ends of the spectrum: from happy to sad, excited to apathetic. They fight and make up, argue, embrace, and argue again, and you watch as this type of odd behavior repeats itself endlessly in cycles throughout the night. You realize that even though they are drunk, it’s not the booze they crave more of, but rather the drama of the party.

As the night continues, your interactions with the partygoers vary from person to person. While some are enjoyable, others have the potential to quickly turn volatile. Since their perception is clouded, the other partygoers react emotionally to situations that you can see are pure fantasy. For some of them, the dream has become a nightmare.

Most important of all, it’s clear that no one at this party knows this is all just a dream.

Then it occurs to you that this is not a new party, but one you’ve attended before. At one point you were just like them. You went through all the varying degrees of drunkenness, behaving exactly as those around you are now. You conversed through the fog of booze, joined the folly of the party, and let the intoxication guide your actions.

Finally, it’s clear that no one there realizes you are now sober. They think you are still drunk, just like them. They do not see your path, only their own. They view you only as a distortion, projected by their alcohol-addled minds, not as you actually are. They are also completely unaware of the true effect the liquor is having on them. Each is lost in his or her own dream of the party. They do not see how their interactions are no longer under their control. As a result, they continually try to entice you to join the drama of the party, to join the folly that their distorted perception has created.

What will you do?


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About The Author

About the Author

don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a Nagual, a Toltec Master of Transformation. He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage and the son of don Miguel Ruiz. By combining the wisdom of his family’s traditions with the knowledge gained from his own personal journey, he now helps others realize their own path to personal freedom. He is the author of The Five Levels of Attachment and Living a Life of Awareness.

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