The Secret Language of Angels

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ISBN: 9781938289620
Author: Kathy Mursch
Format: Paperback

“Angel” means messenger, and God still sends us messages through His angels. In the Bible, God’s messengers visited prophets, kings and ordinary people to deliver special warnings, guidance, and inspiration.

Imagine that those invisible divine emissaries are real, and waiting to assist you in your own life—right now. What if you could invoke God’s infinite wisdom and help in navigating your greatest fears and challenges?

Author Kathy Mursch believes that all you need to do to connect to God’s guidance through the angels is to ask for their help, and she invites you to learn how to communicate with the angels in this book.

You will learn:

  • How angels communicate with five distinct languages
  • How to discern and interpret the messages you receive
  • How to invoke angelic help in times of need
  • And much more…

Rich with scriptural references and anecdotes from those who have experienced angels, this book will inspire you to begin a life changing exploration into how to access the vast wisdom and love of God in a whole new way.

The angels are standing by to help you! Read this book and learn how to step into a deeper sense of peace and guidance than you ever thought possible before.

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