Healing the Five Wounds of the Heart

Free Yourself from the Bonds of the Past
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ISBN: 9781950253432
Author: Dr. Marie Mbouni
Format: Paperback

As human beings, we all encounter emotional pain. By the time we reach adulthood, it’s likely that we’ve experienced at least one, if not all, of the five major emotional traumas known as the “five wounds of the heart,” a concept coined by Dr. Marie Mbouni. These wounds are deep hurts that we carry within us, and if left unaddressed, they can hinder us from living happy, peaceful, and fulfilling lives.

The Abandonment Wound

When we are abandoned by someone we trust, we may find ourselves choosing relationships with people who will abandon us again or pushing others away to avoid further pain.

The Betrayal Wound

When our trust in someone is shattered, it can lead us to be overly guarded. We may develop a sense of cynicism toward humanity or become overly naïve and gullible.

The Denial Wound

When we are forced to deny our true selves, we may hide our authentic feelings or harbor resentment toward those who embody what we wish for ourselves.

The Judgment Wound

When an important person in our lives has shamed us, we can become perfectionists, punish ourselves for minor mistakes, or live in constant fear of being judged.

The Separation Wound

When we feel severed from or abandoned by our concept of the Divine, we may feel as if we do not belong anywhere or perceive life as dull and purposeless.

The five wounds of the heart can profoundly influence our emotions and how we interact with others, and may even manifest as physical ailments. But take heart—these wounds can be healed, and Dr. Marie Mbouni possesses the skill and experience to support you as you identify your own wounds and repair the damage done.

A whole-hearted life is possible, and your healing journey begins here.

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