Break the Grip of Past Lovers

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ISBN: 9781938289958
Author: Jumana Sophia
Format: Paperback

Clear. Transform. Reclaim.

In Break the Grip of Past Lovers, author Jumana Sophia teaches women how to move beyond the lingering betrayals of past relationships to reclaim their power, reestablish healthy boundaries, and move forward into deeper relationships with a renewed sense of wholeness and trust.

With a warm, down-to-earth teaching style that speaks to the often-misunderstood power of female sexuality, Sophia guides women beyond the limitations of talk therapy and into a personal homecoming that will become the foundation for truly healthy intimacy in the future.

“As women, when we open our bodies to another, we open not only to love and power, but also to incredible vulnerability.”

—Jumana Sophia

Break the Grip of Past Lovers compassionately addresses issues of regret, remorse, low self-esteem, and broken trust, while guiding the reader in healing from betrayal, neglect, and manipulation, as well as from experiences that were so beautiful they have left grief and irreconcilable longing in their place.

The journey this book presents is one of initiation into personal power and sovereignty, catalyzed by the kind of heartbreak and loss of self that only past sexual relationships can incur.

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