Awaken Your Inner Fire

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ISBN: 9781938289644
Author: HeatherAsh Amara
Format: Paperback

I must warn you, Awaken Your Inner Fire goes deeper than anything I have previously written. In the pages that follow, we will look at how the major aspects of our being—the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical parts of ourselves—all interact with our inner energy.

This book explains how you can create a foundational shift in how you see and interact with the world, one that invites you to make choices from your essence rather than old programming, fears, or egocentric strategies. It invites you to live from your energetic center instead of your periphery.

Living from your periphery means following unconscious habits and patterns that are simply models of what everyone else is doing. When you live from your energetic center instead, you start bringing awareness to your existing behaviors. Once you are conscious of these behaviors and have pulled them into the light, you can begin to make intentional choices about what you want to change and how you want to live your life.

The deep transformational work of shifting our perspective and clearing out old ways of being is a process. And it’s not for the faint of heart. The good news is that there are tools in this book that will yield immediate results. In each lesson I blend big-picture, long-term focus with easy-to-do, bite-size tasks. At the end of each lesson you’ll find practices, meditations, and explorations to put the concepts to work in your life…

Awaken Your Inner Fire will show you how to consciously tend your inner energy in a crazy busy world that is constantly trying to hook your attention. We’ll explore the idea of how to use whatever work you are doing— whether it is something you love or something to pay the rent—as a way to build more courage, strength, power, and peace within you. It’s not a rewiring of what you do, but rather of how you do it…

There is a lot of information packed in this little book. So stay steady and enjoy the journey. You are an adventurer in a new territory of intimacy with your inner fire and the world.

Now, the first step on this path is to begin understanding ourselves. So in Lesson One, we’ll devote ourselves first to answering to a very important question: What is your inner fire?

With Love,

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