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Book Publishing Contest Details

Welcome! We are glad you have joined us here! Are you a writer? 

Do you want a shot at having your book published by us? If so, please read on!

The Gathering of the Creatives Book Deal Contest is a skill and originality contest that is open to all attendees of
The Gathering of the Creatives Online event, which takes place September 16th–18,2022.

The Hierophant Publishing Editorial Committee will select one Contest winner who will be offered
 a book publishing contract from Hierophant Publishing.

By entering the Contest, contestants agree to the following:

  • It’s Your Original Work: By entering the Contest, you certify that you are the author of the work submitted and that all your submission materials are (a) your original creation; (b) not currently or previously have been the subject of a publishing agreement with any publisher or agent (but you may submit your self-published work if you retain all worldwide rights).
  • Submissions: Your book need not be finished to enter this contest. Instead, please submit a book proposal, which consists of the following:
    • Brief author biography—Please tell us about yourself and why you decided to write this book.
    • Synopsis of the work—Provide one to two pages telling us exactly what to expect from this book.
    • Target Audience—Who is your book for? Tell us who you think the ideal reader is of your book is.
    • Marketing Plan—Please share with us any ideas you have to promote your book (e.g., social media, live events, etc.)
    • Chapter outline summary—Please provide a list of the chapters you will include in your book, including a one- to-two-paragraph summary of each chapter.
    • Two sample chapters—Write and send us two sample chapters from your book. These can be any two chapters you’d like to share.
    • Note: You may send us the entire manuscript if it’s complete, but be sure to send us all the above items as well.
  • When and Where to Submit: Submissions will be accepted beginning the day after The Gathering of the Creatives event, or September 19, 2022. The last day to enter the Contest will be November 1, 2022. All submissions must be sent to
  • Winner Announced: The winner will be announced via email to all contestants on December 1, 2022.
  • Multiple Entries: You may only submit ONE entry for the contest. If you submit more than one entry, all entries will be considered void and disregarded.
  • Judging Criteria: The contest will be judged by the Hierophant Publishing Editorial Committee, which consists of book publishing professionals with years of combined experience in the book publishing industry. All decisions of Hierophant Publishing Editorial Committee with respect to the Contest winner shall be considered final. The Committee will use the following criteria when selecting the contestants who advance in the contest:
    1. Quality of Prose/Style
    2. Originality of Ideas
    3. Need for the material in the marketplace
  • What You Will Win. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Publishing Contract from Hierophant Publishing Company.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are self-published books eligible?
A: Yes, as long as you have worldwide rights to your book.

Q: My author platform is not that big, does that matter?
A: For the purposed of this contest, author platform is less

Q: Can I submit multiple entries?
A: No, please pick your best one and submit it!

Q: What types of books are eligible?
A: We are considering all types and genres for this contest.

Yes! I agree to the above!
Please sign me up for the contest!​

By entering your name and email below, you certify that you have read the above guidelines. We will use this email address to send you important updates about the contest! Be sure to use the same email address that you used when registering for the Gathering of the Creatives event.

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