Healing the Five Wounds of the Heart

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni, MD, is a shaman, energy healer, and artist. She was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, before relocating to Los Angeles in 2000. Her mission is to help others experience healing in all aspects of life. Connect with her at mariembouni.com.

Published Works Include

Your Spacious Self

Your Spacious Self: Free yourself from clutter, discover a slow-drip approach to clearing physical, mental & emotional chaos.


The Shaman's Path to Freedom

Learn ancient Toltec shaman's practices for peace and harmony within yourself. A life-changing journey awaits.

Lord Knows This Sh*t Ain't Easy

Lord Knows This Sh*t Ain't Easy: Life coach Adelfa Marr's guide to self-care and fulfilling relationships. Discover a happier you!

The Secret Language of Angels

Discover angelic messages, invoke help, and navigate life's challenges with ease. Angels are standing by to help you!

Britton Boyd

Britton Boyd is an animist, witch, writer, and herbalist residing in the high desert mountains of Northeastern Oregon. In 2017 she hiked the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile quest from the border of Mexico to Canada. Her experiences on the trail pushed her body to its limit and made beautifully and agonizingly concrete the wisdom of earth-based, animistic witchcraft.

The Human Design Workbook

With the Human Design Workbook you can uncover life's purpose through your unique chart. Transform your destiny step-by-step.

Rebecca Scolnick

Rebecca Scolnick is a numerologist and witch who employs magic, storytelling, and her knowledge of numbers and witchcraft to support and inspire those looking to reclaim their freedom from the myriad of ways modern culture has taught us to hate ourselves, reject ourselves, and keep ourselves small. Connect with her online at www.rebeccascolnick.com.

Books by Rebecca Scolnick

The Witch's Book of Numbers

Unlock the magic of numerology! Discover your significant six numbers and amplify your spell work. No complex math required!