Awakening Astrology

Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal transformation

By Molly McCord

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Molly recorded these workshops especially for this book, and in it she will guide you through a deep examination of the five personal planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Offering her fresh perspective on how each planet speaks to you energetically, Molly will explain your natal astrology chart energies to add even more meaning to your personal transformation process. Please have your natal astrology chart available when you view this workshop. If you don't yet have your natal astrology chart, you can get receive a free version at

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Unlock the Transformative Power of
these Five Planetary Energies

Every astrological chart has wisdom to offer, but the array of planets, houses and signs can be bewildering. In Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation, professional astrologer and bestselling author Molly McCord offers an accessible path that is both easy to grasp and full of potent information. In clear and concise language, McCord takes a deeper look at the five key planets that influence the most important areas of our lives:

The Sun: How you present yourself outwardly to the world.

The Moon: How you move through your daily life and respond to others.

Mercury: How you think, communicate, and digest information.

Venus: How you share and connect with others.

Mars: How you assert yourself and your needs.

With just these five planets, you can unlock a deeper and more meaningful relationship to your true self, as well as a more profound understanding of your personal needs, mental processes, and ongoing areas of self-development. Even those who already possess experience with astrology will benefit from this deeper look into their own potential for expanded self-awareness.

The stars and planets influence us every day of our lives. Now, with the assured guidance offered in this book, you can tap into the incredible potential of astrology to inform your journey towards a life of purpose and authenticity.

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About the Author

Molly McCord is a professional astrologer and modern consciousness teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is the host of the highly successful weekly podcast Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord and has worked with hundreds of clients around the world to guide them in knowing themselves more fully. Learn more at

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