A Year to Clear

A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and Heart


365 Lessons on Simplifying, Decluttering, and Letting Go


With all our best intentions and rich resources, why is it so hard to slow down, simplify, and care for ourselves? Why are we so afraid to let go?

In A Year to Clear, leading space-clearing expert Stephanie Bennett Vogt takes you on a journey of self-discovery, letting go, and transformation. Each of the 365 lessons—organized into 52 weeklong themes—offers daily inspiration designed to release stress and stuff in ways that lighten, enlighten, and last.


This is YOUR YEAR to . . .

  • Free yourself of unwanted things in your home and mind by bringing awareness to messy habits and the outdated beliefs behind them.
  • Transform those mindless housekeeping tasks you do every day (on auto-pilot) into nurturing, soul-filled experiences.
  • Realize at the deepest level the essence of who you are and what you came here to be.

With Stephanie's gentle encouragement, humor, and “slow-drip" methods, you'll clear both inside and out, and return your home and life to a sparkling state of balance and serenity.


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Tour of the Home Meditation (audio download) 

by Stephanie Bennett-Vogt

With two-page introduction & worksheet


"Stuff" & other songs by Karen Drucker
that lift the spirit and lighten the load

(audio download)

INCLUDES these songs

“I Can Do It”
“This Or Something Better”
“I Allow, I Surrender”
Intro by Stephanie Bennett Vogt and song credits


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stephanie bennett vogt

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, MA, brings over thirty-five years of experience to SpaceClear, a teaching and consulting practice she founded to help homes and people come into balance. Visit her website at:

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