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Despite an innate desire to live peaceful and happy lives, many of us spend too much time in struggle and stress rather than enjoyment, often working to make others happy while forgetting about ourselves. In A Year for You, author and space clearing expert Stephanie Bennett Vogt explains the Spacious Way, a method that teaches you how to gently release the underlying causes of stress, struggle, and overwhelm. Through five practice areas―slowing down, simplifying, sensing, surrendering, and self-care―this book helps you nourish your life and clear any physical, mental, emotional, or energetic clutter for good. The result is a quieter mind, a clearer home, and a gentler, holistic understanding of the underlying causes of clutter and stress.

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As New England’s leading space clearing expert, Stephanie Bennett Vogt brings over thirty-five years of experience to SpaceClear, the teaching and consulting practice she founded in 1996 helping homes and their occupants come into balance. She teaches her inspirational clearing programs at centers worldwide including Kripalu and the New England School of Feng Shui, and shares her unique perspectives on simplifying, personal reinvention, and letting go as a #1 top-selling course contributor at DailyOM and a columnist for the Huffington Post.

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