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Calling all Creatives & Those Who Want to Be

Led by Elizabeth Gilbert, SARK, Flora Bowley, Whitney Freya, and other creative teachers, this weekend event is all about exercising your creativity, and understanding how a regular creative practice can foster happiness and transformation in your life.

We believe that being creative is one of the forgotten keys to a happy and fulfilling life, and the experiential workshops at this event are designed to help you awaken and heal the connection to your inner artist!

This class is for those want to go deeper into Astrology and learn how to use its guidance in everyday life.

What you'll learn in this class:

  • An overview of Astrology: what it is, what it’s not, and where it all started.
  • The meaning of important terms—like Retrogrades, Transits, and Sextiles—and why they are integral in going deeper into Astrology.
  • How to read your Natal Chart—also called a Birth Chart—and how to understand what all those wacky-looking symbols represent.
  • How to do an Astrology reading  for your family and friends!
  • Good charts versus bad charts - is there really such a thing?
  • How Astrology can help you understand yourself,  the people you love, and even understand (or at least collaborate better with) people who annoy you!
  • A whole lot more!
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