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Yoga instructor writes a book that sets off a global movement of warrior goddess women


HeatherAsh Amara - Warrior Goddess Training

HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh Amara has been a yoga instructor, firewalk leader and teacher of authentic living for over 20 years. In 2014 she released her book, Warrior Goddess Training - Become the Woman You Were Meant To Be. Little did she know that this would strike a deep chord in women around the world and quickly become a full-fledged movement.

When asked why she believes this book has taken hold so quickly, the author replied,

"It’s no secret that women today are juggling a lot. We now make up more than half the workforce in the United States and are busier than ever with partners, children, family, and friends, often putting the needs of others ahead of our own.

And if we feel overwhelmed by it all or fall short of perfection, many of us have learned to be our own worst critic rather than our own best friend."

She went on to say, "I feel that this book provides the antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough."

Warrior Goddess Training coverWhatever the exact reasons for the popularity of this book and its core teachings, no one can argue with the impressive results. Unlike many books that come into prominence after the author appears on Oprah or Dr. Oz, this book and the movement which has sprung up from it has taken on the traits of an underground wildfire, spreading by word-of-mouth from woman to woman. Within weeks of its release, it shot to the top of several popular Amazon ranking categories and has stayed at #1 ever since. At date of this writing, the book has garnered over two hundred fifty mostly five star reviews.

We asked the author how women who have never heard of this book might learn more and she generously offered to provide a PDF download of two free sample chapters. 

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