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living a life of awareness miguel ruiz jr

For the first time ever, the Toltec wisdom from the Ruiz family is bound together in a book of Daily Meditations.

You are invited on a six-month journey of daily lessons with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. that are designed to inspire, nourish, and enlighten adherents as you travel along the Toltec path.

Drawing on years of apprenticeship under his father and grandmother, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. shares Toltec lessons on Love, Faith, Agreements, and most importantly: Awareness. The purpose of each meditation is to guide readers into a deeper understanding of his or her self, as well as the world in which we live.

In the introduction to the book, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. reminds readers that progress on the Toltec path is not measured by the acquisition of things, status, or even ideas, but rather the complete and total realization that everything in the world is perfect, exactly the way it is at this moment.

“Love is accepting ourselves just the way we are, with all of our flaws and our ever-changing belief system. You are nothing else but who you are. You are not the person you were a year ago. You are not the person you will be in a year. You aren’t even the person you think you are. You simply are, and that must be enough.” – don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

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 living a life of awareness don miguel ruiz jr

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This book will have special appeal to those already familiar with his father’s books The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, and The Fifth Agreement, as well as don Miguel Ruiz Jr.’s own book, The Five Levels of Attachment. It also makes a wonderful gift.

“Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., my first son, belongs to a new generation of artists (Toltecs) who are transforming the way of life of our beloved humanity.”

– don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements


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 Preview The Meditations

Sample three of the meditations from this book. Each comes with a thought for the day and a practice to carry into your life.

Feel Your Emotions

While your emotions are genuine, and no one can say how you ought to feel, it’s important to remember that what triggers those feelings may not always be real. Emotions are like a car alarm: They keep you present and are a beautiful way to uncover those little agreements, conditions, distortions, and wounds that your storytelling is trying to hide.

An emotional reaction is an invitation to remove something from hiding and reevaluate it. Rejecting your emotions is simply an attempt to cover up old wounds.


The next time you have an emotional reaction to something, rather than denying or attempting to cover up your emotions, say to yourself, “This is my truth, and now I am reacting to it.” With that statement alone, you are no longer using your energy to deny the truth, but opening the door to healing and releasing instead.

Loving Unconditionally

Attachment is when you take hold of something outside yourself and confuse it with the power that resides inside you. When you fasten on to an idea or belief that something “must be” for you to be happy, you know you have attached yourself to it.

The strongest form of attachment occurs when you make the statement, consciously or unconsciously, that “this is necessary for me to love and accept myself.” In so doing, you turn self-love into conditional love, because you have created an expectation that must now be met for you to be happy.


Remember today that the power of life is inside you, and you need nothing else to be complete. You are perfect just the way you are. Love yourself simply because you are.

Keeping Others’ Opinions in Perspective

Avoiding rejection at all costs is a very common practice in the Dream of the Planet. No one likes to feel excluded or lesser than. For instance, if someone says to you, “I’m not attracted to you,” you have a choice about what to do with that knowledge. You can accept the truth and realize that that person’s opinion has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with that person and his or her particular taste.

Or you can take that person’s preference and use it against yourself to reinforce some negative belief you have about yourself: That person is not attracted to me because I am overweight, I am too short, etc. (Unfortunately, this is the more common reaction.) In this way, you end up valuing someone else’s taste preference over your own; you convince yourself that you are not deserving of your own love or acceptance. The motivation to make improvements suddenly becomes conditional: If I lose a few pounds, maybe he/she will like me better.

Either way, you are making a choice. You can choose to let your self-acceptance be subjugated by another person’s opinion, or you can choose to accept that this person has simply stated what is true for him or her, and that does not change who you are.


With awareness today, notice when you subjugate your self-love to another person’s opinion. Remember, you can respect the opinion of others without agreeing with them. Say to yourself: “I am perfect in this very moment, and this is my truth.”

 don Miguel Ruiz Jr.



When he was only 14 years old, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. apprenticed to his father don Miguel Sr. and his grandmother, Madre Sarita, to learn how to they manifested their intent to heal people, both physically and spiritually. When he reached his mid-20′s, after 10 years of apprenticeship, his father intensified his training.  This training culminated one day when don Miguel Ruiz Sr. sent his eldest son out in the world, saying, “Find your way out. Go home and master Death by becoming alive.”

For the past six years, don Miguel Jr. has applied the lessons learned from his father and grandmother to define and enjoy his own personal freedom while achieving peace with all of creation. As a Nagual,  Miguel Jr. is finally ready to pass along the wisdom and the tools of his family’s traditions.

Along with his father, don Miguel Ruiz Sr., and brother, don Jose Ruiz,  don Miguel Jr. leads workshops, retreats and power journeys to help others to achieve their own personal freedom and optimal physical and spiritual health.   He also hosts a successful weekly internet radio show, “The Way of the Desert”.

Earlier this year, don Miguel Jr. released his first book, The Five Levels of Attachment, which has gone on to become a bestseller around the world.




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